Manage Accounts in the CRM Workspace

Create a new account on the platform using the CRM Workspace. For B2C (websites supporting anonymous customers):  The customer enters account information during the checkout process.  The account and user (Contact) are created in the ERP software when the order is submitted. For a B2B website, or users logged in […]

Create Product Categories

Overview: Product categories are an important part of the organizational strategy for your online store. Your customers can use them to find products more quickly  through a guided search versus entering random keyword search terms.  They serve as containers for similar products.  They  can also contain sub-categories to filter searches […]

Manage Contacts

Step-by-Step Process: Use the Contacts task from the Customers drop list menu in the CRM Workspace Locate the Contact record to be changed Use the Password link on the right of the line if only a password change is needed Use the Edit link on the right to change any […]

Configure Payment Gateway

The example below is based on the configuration for the Paya gateway.  Other supported merchants use the same interface but may label their fields differently. Retrieve your gateway credentials.  Paya provides instructions for this in their help center:  Paya Help Center. Use the Merchant Accounts link on the Payment Processing […]

CIMcloud Glossary of Terms

Term Definition Contact A user attached to a client’s account, with access to the eCommerce Platform (note – defined as “customer” in CIMcloud 1.0 version). Cart Shelf The Cart Shelf is the floating sidebar on the right side of the window that contains all the user’s shopping cart items at […]

Worker Portal (Workspaces) Overview

Overview The CIMcloud Worker Portal is the area your employees (we call them “Workers”) will go to setup, use, and operate the CIMcloud platform.  The Worker Portal is organized into: 5 Major Workspaces, and 3 General Utility Areas Video Overviews Overview Demo-Style Walkthrough Diagram of Major Areas   The 5 […]

Google Maps API

Overview Google Maps Platform is a set of application programming interfaces (API) and software development kits (SDK) that are managed from the Google Cloud Platform console. As an option on the base website, when Google Maps is integrated with the platform a map will display the account’s location to Workers.  […]

Image Management Guidelines

Introduction: The CIMcloud platform, like all ecommerce platforms, relies heavily on the use of images to display products, marketing sections, banners, etc. This is a general guideline documenting the best practices for optimizing images for websites built on the CIMcloud platform. The goal is to create images that maintain excellent […]

Worker Rights Defined

Overview: Workers are users (usually employed by the platform owner) with extended rights compared to Contacts (users attached to customer accounts).  Workers’ rights are assigned by the platform administrator via the Workers link in the Settings Workspace. When creating a new Worker or editing an existing record, the Worker Rights […]

Settings Workspace – SUPERSEDED

Superseded This article has been superseded and replaced by this newer article: Settings Workspace Overview. Overview:  The settings workspace is where you will manage your CIMcloud application. In it you will have access to system-wide settings, workers, system emails, and checkout settings; including tax settings, payment processing and shipping methods.  […]