Extra Work on Migrations (Classic-to-Current)

Overview “Extra Work” is the term we use to describe several categories of additional work that extends the lead-time and typically the overall cost of a migration project.  Extra work also adds additional steps in several stages of the process. As a general rule, we highly recommend deferring as much […]

Key Things To Expect On Your Migration (Classic-to-Current) Project

Overview This article covers several key assumptions that you need to know and understand to successfully execute your Classic-to-Current Migration project.  It is important that all key leadership roles (Program Manager, Project Manager, Lead Implementer / Operator) involved in your overall CIM initiatives (Ecommerce and CRM) are aware of these items. […]

Content (Data, Images, Files) Migration and Ongoing Management

Overview This article provides details on the extra content management work that is required during a Classic-to-Current Migration project.  It covers the following topics: The Overlap Period (You Have Two Platforms) What Is “Content”? How The Overlap Period Impacts Content Management A Diagram of Content Work By Migration Stage Data […]

Migration (Classic-to-Current) Lead-Times

Overview This article provides an overview of typical Classic-to-Core Migration project lead-times that CIMcloud customers experience when migrating from an older “Classic” version of Website Pipeline or CIMcloud to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform. It also includes an explanation of the various factors that can materially impact your […]

Feature Take-Aways (Current vs. Classic)

Overview This article covers a few standard features that are known “take-aways” in the current CIMcloud platform that existed in previous “Classic” versions of Website Pipeline / CIMcloud.  Eek!  We know losing some of these is frustrating, and our product R&D teams are working to close these gaps.  We made […]

Product Enhancement and Feature Requests

Thanks for Your Input! Have an idea that would make the CIMcloud product better and your job easier?  See things that are missing or just don’t work the way you want them to?  We’d love to get your feedback!  In fact, the foundation for everything the CIMcloud platform does today […]

The Implementer Roles

Overview Implementers are the people that take the “out of the box” CIMcloud platform and do all of the work to “move in” and get it ready for live usage by your customers and reps (CRM Workers).  Implementers role their sleeves up and get the work done.  This includes: Making […]