Contact Us Submissions

Overview: The Contact Us Submissions can be managed by a worker in the Worker Portal.  The submissions can be viewed, edited, and/or deleted. Step-by-Step Process: To navigate to the Contact Us Submission manage page, the worker will go to: CRM Workspace ⟶ Sales Pipeline ⟶ Contact Us Here they will see […]

Place an Order for a Customer

Overview: Workers can place orders on behalf of any Account and Contact they are authorized to access.  To do so, the worker needs to navigate to: CRM Workspace → Orders and Shipments → Place an Order Note: In CRM Lite, Workers can create quotes and orders having the Account / […]

Create a Quote

Overview: Workers can create a new quote or review and edit quotes entered by customers on the website by navigating to: CRM Workspace → Create a Quote Note: In CRM Lite, Workers can create quotes and orders having the Account / Contact standard pricing. The Worker cannot change the pricing […]

CRM Standard

Overview: CRM Standard is an optional add-on bundle to CRM Lite that adds additional capacity and functions to the application. Details: Additional Functionality Creation of a central interaction database / “conversation log” Log of activities with customers Add notes to the log directly from email (email parsing) The log data […]


Superseded This article has been superseded and replaced by this newer article: CRM Workspace Overview. Overview: CRM Lite is a base Customer Relationship Management tool that allows a  worker to manage and view relevant customer information as well as relevant information about sales. Details: Concurrent Logins CRM Lite allows for […]

Global Meta Data

Overview: CIMcloud allows you to create search engine friendly pages for every Web Page, Product, and Product Category. The individual page, product, and category data is managed on each items add-edit page. You can also specify Global Meta Data to be used for any page that does not have unique […]

Case Quantity

Overview: Case quantity is a configuration that can be set on a product that requires the product to be purchased in a set increment.   Step-by-Step Process: To set the case quantity on a product, in the [Worker Portal], [the worker] will navigate to: Product Workspace –> Product Catalog –> Products […]

Account Credit Limits

Overview: Setting an account credit limit on an account allows the restriction of the account to have a set limit on how much they can have on open invoices before we restrict them from placing orders on terms.   Step-by-Step Process: To set an account credit limit on an account, in […]

Shipper Accounts

Overview: When configuring a shipping method, the worker can configure the shipping method to require that the customer enters their shipper account number.   Step-by-Step Process: On the Shipping Method Add/Edit page, the worker will navigate to the section ‘Account to Bill Shipping Costs To’. Here they will simply select the ‘Yes, require […]

Unit of Measure

Overview: Unit of Measure (UOM) allows [a worker] to configure a product to be sold in a certain preset quantity.   Step-by-Step Process: To configure a UOM for a product, in the [Worker Portal], they will navigate to: Product Workspace Home –> Product Catalog –> Products [The worker] will then […]