Product History

With all of the data the CIMcloud platform syncs from Sage your customers will have access to detailed product history information. On each product detail page they can see how many times they have ordered a product in the past, how many units they have purchased and when their most […]

List / Gallery View

The search results page has two ways your products can be viewed, list and gallery. The platform allows customers to toggle these views based on their preferences, but you are able to control this and more in application settings. Gallery View The gallery view uses product cards in a grid […]

Universal Search

The universal search box is used in both the worker portal and the dashboard portal template. It gives users the ability to use one search box across multiple items. As Seen By Your Customers Image 1 – Universal Search in the Dashboard Template In the dashboard portal it gives users […]

The Product Detail Page

Below is a screenshot of the product detail page. Each section is numbered with a description under the image. ┬áBreadcrumb Trail – Product Name – This pulls from Sage’s extended description by default with a fallback to the short description. Product Image – This pulls from the product’s normal image […]

The Search Results Page

Below is a screenshot of the search results page. Each section is numbered with a description under the image. Universal Search – This will search the product catalog when the dropdown list is set to product. By default it searches across your sku, name, description, and search terms fields. If […]

Understanding Customer Site Navigation Menus

Your CIMcloud customer site has pre-built navigation menus and links to get your store started but it’s up to you to review and manage these links. To do this you will need to utilize the content workspace in the worker portal. The navigation section of this workspace is where you […]

New Account and Contact Creation

Overview This article provides an overview of the options for allowing visitors to create new accounts and new contacts for existing accounts. You can find these in the Customer Data tab of the application settings page under the settings workspace. What a customer sees The customer will see two new […]

Edit your platform with custom CSS and JS

Video Overview The CIMcloud platform has some built in theme configuration but there are times when you need more control of your website. This is where the┬áCode Injection section of the advanced application settings page can help. Here you can inject custom code just before the closing HEAD and BODY […]

Power Customers Module Overview

Overview The power customers module is all about relationships. It enables you to configure parent / child relationships between accounts and to grant users on a parent account the ability to impersonate (log in as) their children. With this module you can also configure an account so that their orders […]