URL Redirects

Overview The CIMcloud platform allows you to create server-side 301 redirects with the URL Redirects module. The most common reason to create URL Redirects is to ensure links to outdated URLs are redirected to the correct pages. More information on 301 Redirects and how search engines process them can be […]

Advanced Customer Price Display Settings

Advanced Customer Price Display Settings is supported as of CIMcloud version 2020.R2.  This feature allows you to control the pricing display across the site for your customers. Here you have access to enable or disable multiple settings and you can even customize the messaging on the platform if you decide […]

The Content Workspace – SUPERSEDED

Superseded This article has been superseded and replaced by this newer article: Content Workspace Overview. Introduction The provides an overview of the content workspace and you use it to make add and manage content that your customers see. Video Overview Topics Included The follows topics are includes in the video […]

The Product Catalog

Introduction The product catalog included with CIMcloud allows your customers to find, get information on, and order your products.  The video provides a walk-through of the product catalog that you customers see in your Customer Sites (B2B Portals and/or Public Web Stores), and the administrative tools that your Workers access […]

The CIMcloud Store – SUPERSEDED

Superseded This article has been superseded and replaced by this newer article: Customer Sites Overview. Introduction Now that you are familiar with the platform’s customers lets jump into your CIMcloud store. It is where your customers will interact with your business. Here they can access their accounts receivable (AR) information, […]

Customers Overview

Introduction This article provides an introduction to your “Customers” in CIMcloud.  CIMcloud Customers consist of accounts (the Sage 100 customer record) and contacts.  A contact is the actual person, with a unique username and password, that logs into your CIMcloud store. They can view your product catalog, place orders, and […]

Workers and Worker Groups Overview

Introduction This provides and overview of Workers, Account Filters (for Workers), and Worker Groups in the CIMcloud Worker Portal. Workers are people that have login access to your CIMcloud Worker Portal. The Account Filter (also called “Accounts Query Type”) allows you to give access to some or all of your […]

Review Data Synced From Sage to CIMcloud

Introduction The video walks you through where you can go to review the major data entities (customers, addresses, products, sales orders, invoices, etc) synced from your Sage 100 system to the CIMcloud platform.  Reviewing this data allows you to get generally acquainted with the CIMcloud platform and allows you to […]

ERP Sync Tool Install Overview

Purpose This document is intended to give customers of CIMcloud, their IT resources, and/or their value-added reseller (VAR) a clear description of the standard installation of the CIMcloud’s ERP Sync Tool (called “ERP Driver”).  It installs in your local network (on the same server that runs Sage 100) and syncs […]

Complete The ERP Sync Tool Pre-Install Checklist

Overview The ERP Sync Tool Pre-Install Checklist (f.k.a. “Critical Path Document”) needs to be completed and sent back to CIMcloud so we can install the sync tool that will move data between your Sage ERP system and the CIMcloud platform.  This checklist includes items like 1) verifying that minimum system […]