How to obtain your FedEx credentials

Follow the steps below to get your FedEx production credentials needed for the CIMcloud platform Sign in to your FedEx account at the FedEx Developer Resource Center Scroll to the FedEx Web Services section and click on the Move to Production option. You will get the FedEx Web Service Production Access […]

Set Up Shipping Methods

Shipping methods can be found in the settings workspace under the shipping menu item of your worker portal. Before customers start placing orders on your online store it is important to have a solid strategy around shipping. The CIMcloud platform allows you to provide your customers with multiple shipping options. […]

Design Settings

Design settings can be found by navigating to the customer sites manage page in the settings workspace under the customer site settings menu item. Then select the edit link on the site you want to change the design settings for. Once the settings page loads select the design tab on […]

Order Actions

Overview Order actions are a tool in the CIMcloud platform that will allow you to control the available options displayed on the payment page. With this tool you can set up actions for your employees and customers allowing them to place an order, save an order/quote, or submit a quote […]

Configure Ship to Countries

A worker can configure the countries that are eligible for shipping in the [Worker Portal]. To navigate to the shipping countries configuration, in [the Worker Portal] go to: Settings Workspace →  Shipping →  Ship To Countries Here you will see a list of ‘Available Countries’ and a list of ‘Selected […]

ERP Sync Tool (ERP Driver) Technical Details

Purpose The purpose of this document is to provide some additional technical details on CIMcloud’s ERP Sync Tool (called “ERP Driver”) and how it moves data between the CIMcloud platform and your ERP system. The CIMcloud ERP Sync Tool (ERP Driver)… Is built on the .NET Framework. Runs as a […]