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Additional images allow a customer to view multiple angles and alternative views of a product.  These images are shown under the main image on the product detail page in the CIMcloud Application.  They can be configured for the product on the Product Add/Edit page in the [Worker Portal]


Step-by-Step Process:

To configure the additional images for a product, [the worker] will navigate to the Product Add/Edit page for the product.  They will set the additional images in pairs, 1 small image and one large image.  More information on configuring the additional images for a product can be found [here {link to the product add/edit article}].[Note: This might be backwards and the detailed information should be here and the link should be in the product add/edit article]

The additional images will be displayed to the customer on the product’s detail page in the CIMcloud Application.  These additional images will be displayed under the main product image.

[insert screenshot of additional images under the main product image]

These additional images are typically used to show additional angles of a product (top, bottom, side, etc.).  A product can have 1 or more additional images.  The additional images are optional for a product, so a product can also have no additional images.  Additional images also typically come in pairs, a small image and a large image.  This allows the customer to view the small image, underneath the main product image.  they are then able to click the smaller image to view the larger image. These images will most always be the same, with the exception of their size.

[insert screenshot of the large image when the small image is clicked]



Additional images are configured for a product where a customer can view them in the CIMcloud Application.

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