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Advanced Tabs enables product information on the product detail pages to be presented in a tabular format instead of requiring the customer to scroll down the page to view additional data.


  1. Following installation, the Advanced Tabs feature may be enabled for selected products using the Products Workspace Edit link for the product.
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced Tabs section and set the radio button to Yes
  3. The Advanced Tabs Override section (immediately following) displays fields for configuring up to eight tabs for the product detail page.
  4. The “Label (override)” field deifnes the text to appear in the on the site-front product detail page (shown on right).
  5. Use the “Dynamic Content Source (override)” field to link content to be contained on this tab. This field overrides the content that exists for Tab Group data (see point 6, below). When dynamic content is inserted on a tab where static content also exists, the static content can be designated to appear above or below the dynamic content.  Examples of content that can be inserted into a tab:  
    • Use Orignial The content from the same tab as configured in Product Tab Groups will be used on this current product (unless changes are entered in one of the “(override)” fields
    • None Only content entered in the “Static Content” field will be displayed in the tab on the product detail page.
    • Description The content of the “Desciption” field on the product add-edit page will be displayed on the tab.
    • Downloads The links for document downloads will be relocated from the standard location under the SKU: to display on the designated tab on the product detail page.
    • Webpage The information on a content page as created using the Pages task in the Content menu of the Content Workspace is displayed on the tab.  This can be a URL to content such as a product brochure, a MSDS sheet, or a YouTube video.
    • Related Products Products added to the Suggested / Related Products field on the product will display in this tab (versus the bottom of the product detail page).  Suggested / Related Products to display are configured on the product detail page.
    • Reviews/Comment When customer reviews are enabled for the website, submitted reviews display on this tab.
    • Smart List Smart lists are created dynamically for an account.  They are composed of history data (Invoices and Sales orders). The standard user interface displays the information (most recent order date, qty, invoice, etc.) displays on a category combined results, product detail, and certain data display pages (invoice quantity, purchase history).  Be cognizant of the amount of information when selecting to display this on a tab.
    • Hook When the website owner requests creation of custom content on website pages, CIMcloud Pro Services will provide the software “hook” code that inserts the content.  That content can then be displayed on a tab.
  6. Use the Product Tab Groups link under the Product Catalog menu in the Product Workspace to add tabs when multiple products have identical tab structure.
    • Use the “+” icon in the menu or the button at the top of the page to add or edit a tab group.  The add-edit page is identical to the tabs section on the product detail add-edit page explained above.
    • Insert a tab group using the Products link under the Product Catalog menu in the Product Workspace.  The “Tab Group” selector is located immediately above “Tab 1 on the product add-edit page (shown on right).  Select the desired tab group from the drop list.

When tab content is different for individual products that will use the group, define only the tab label in the group setup, and add the content after the product is created (via the product add-edit page or by using Data Import/Export upload).

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