Data Setting Navigation Links


[Navigation Links] can belong to [data sets] that will restrict them to specified customers/accounts.


Step-by-Step Process:

To add a link to a data set, in the [Worker Portal], [the worker] will need to navigate to:
Content Workspace –> Navigation –> Links

[The worker] will then select ‘Edit’ under the Actions column for the link they would like to add a [data set] to.

If [the worker] would like to add a [data set] to a new link, they will instead click the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Links’ link instead.

This will redirect the worker to the Navigation Link Add/Edit page. On this page is a section titled ‘Data Sets’. They will then select the [data set] they would like to add on the left hand list, select it, and then press the ‘+’ icon. This will place the [data set] under the ‘Selected Data Sets’ list. To remove a [data set] from a link, [the worker] can select a [data set] under the ‘Selected Data Sets’ list and press the ‘-‘ icon.

NOTE: A link can have more than one [data set] or no [data sets].

[I am not seeing the data set section for navigation links. Need to verify that this is in 2.0 and if so, how to turn it on]



A [data set(s)] is added to a link to restrict which customers have access to this link.



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