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Document downloads is a feature that allows a customer to download files that contain relevant product information or more detailed product information.  The document is displayed as a link on the product detail page in the CIMcloud Application.  The document download for the product can be configured by [a worker] in the [worker portal] on the [Product Add/Edit page {link to the add/modify product article}].


Step-by-Step Process:

To configure the product document downloads, [the worker] will navigate to the Product Add/Edit page in [the worker portal] for the product that they wish to configure document downloads for.  More information about configuring products and their document downloads, can be found [here {link to add / modify product article}].

[Note, I think this part might be backwards, where the instructions for this are in the product add/edit article, but I am linking here.  Not sure if I need to reverse this.]

Once configured, customers will be able to download the documents on the product detail page in the CIMcloud Application.  There can be 1 or more documents that are linked to the product, but this is optional and no product documents are required. 

[insert screenshot of the document download links]


Document downloads are configured to allow customers to download when viewing the product in the CIMcloud Application.

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