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ERP Driver Installation Tool


  • The installer can be used to create new services and create an easy installation for new customers.

Installation Process

The installer can be downloaded from here: Installer

  • You must enter the name of the site and the serial key associated with that site.
    • This is the WS_ID of the customer.
  • The site will then attempt to do a check and see if it can reach the Web API. The customer must be on Kubernetes and on version 3.0.92 of the web API or later.
    • There is an advanced option that can skip the check for the Web API and input all information in yourself.
  • The program then has you input in a Sage Username and password. This installer only works for Sage 100 currently. This password must be 25 characters long. You also have the option of inputting an existing windows user for the services to run under. This password must also be 25 characters long.
    • On submit, the installer will attempt to find any installations of Sage and run the credentials against it. If there is an error, it will spit it out.
  • On the next page it will prompt you to verify/select the Sage data that we want to use like the year, version, install path, company code, etc.
    • This should populate the AccessGUI with the correct values.
  • The install button should do everything necessary to install all of the data that is needed to run the sync.

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