Importing and Exporting Products


Product data can be uploaded to the site (for adding or modification) via a CSV file.  Product data can also be exported to a CSV for mass viewing of product data that resides in the CIMcloud application.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Settings Workspace →  Data Imports / Exports →  Imports/Exports
  3. Select the Settings Workspace icon from the menu bar
  4. Select the Imports/Exports link from the Data Imports/Exports drop-down menu
  5. The products import / export is used to import and export product data 

[insert screenshot of products table in ddt as this sentence is confusing without it]

  1. If using a pre-configured import file template, proceed to point “G” below
  2. To create a template from existing data, export products file
  3. Select the Export link from the products import / export 
  4. Select the import/export template (titled similar to “Products-All”)
  5. Select the Export link
  6. Open the downloaded CSV file to use as a template for importing new records

                      ✱  Delete the following items from the file

                           ❅  p_key column (first column on left)

                           ❅  All columns containing no data or data that will not be changed

                           ❅  All records (rows) containing data that will not be changed

                      ✱  The REQUIRED column when uploading products is the sku column

                           ❅  Other columns are optional (determined by [the worker’s] desired goal) to add data to the product records

  1. Import products
  2. Select the Import link on the products import / export 
  3. On Upload Information page
  4. Accept defaults for Action and Key/Lookup Value
  5. Use Choose File button to select your saved CSV file

                 iii.  Select Proceed

  1. When first validation completes, verify column mappings
  2. Every column must map to a valid field in the database
  3. Any field displaying “Ignore Column” indicates an invalid column heading in your file

                      ✱  Do not proceed with import when “Ignore Column” message is displayed; correct data before proceeding

  1. If existing records are to be changed by the upload, check the “Replace Existing Data” boxes
  2. Select the Upload button
  3. Import Information will display results after upload completes

                           ❅  Records added

                           ❅  Records changed

                           ❅  Records errored (including the row number from the import file and the cause of the error

  1. Valid records are imported

                      ✱  Complete import of records with errors

                           ❅  Delete records that were successfully imported

                           ❅  Correct errors logged on failed records

                           ❅  Save the file and repeat process beginning at step F(1)

[Note: this was copied and pasted (with modifications) from the customers import / export document. I feel that the import section can be consolidated as it in generic to imports in general, but for consistency, I chose to follow the template that has already been published to the KC]



Product data is exported and/or imported to or from a CSV file, respectively. 


[link to main CSV export / import document]

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