The Content Workspace – SUPERSEDED


This article has been superseded and replaced by this newer article: Content Workspace Overview.


The provides an overview of the content workspace and you use it to make add and manage content that your customers see.

Video Overview

Topics Included

The follows topics are includes in the video above:

  • Quick Introduction
    • Static Content
    • Web Pages
    • Slide Shows
    • Images and Files
    • Access to Navigation Links
  • Web Pages
    • Manage
    • Add-Edit – including a walk-through of the fields
    • Show the WYSIWYG editor with HTML view
    • Mention Breadcrumbs, and Slideshow
  • A Quick View of the Web Pages on Customer Sites
    • B2B Portal – typically no content links
    • Public Store – overview of the nav links
  • Nav Links Menu
    • Walkthrough of editing a nav link
  • Slide Shows
  • Images & Files (which uses a CDN via Amazon Web Services)

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