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Scale Your Ecommerce Empire: B2B-first SaaS Platform for Aggressive Growth

Dear Private Equity Professionals,

As you guide high-growth companies toward aggressive expansion, both organically and through acquisitions, scaling their ecommerce infrastructure becomes paramount. Here, traditional B2C-first platforms fall short. CIMcloud is a solution built specifically for your portfolio companies’ needs: a B2B-first, open, and ERP-integrated SaaS Ecommerce platform designed for rapid growth.

This CIMcloud platform empowers you to:

  • Scale Vertically and Horizontally: The platform scales alongside your company’s growth, effortlessly accommodating organic customer acquisition. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates new acquisitions, allowing you to onboard companies and their ERPs efficiently through dedicated sandboxes.
  • ERP Agnostic and Integration Powerhouse: Forget limitations. This platform natively supports multiple ERP systems connected to a single CIMcloud instance.  It also supports integrations with multiple ERP company (data) files or tenants running on the same ERP instance.  It’s built from the ground up for seamless ERP integration, eliminating compatibility headaches, even on highly complex ERP configurations.
  • Manage Multiple Storefronts: Create a customized ecosystem and maintain separate branding. The platform allows you to establish unique storefronts with distinct URLs, branding, product mixes, and pricing structures. You can even share or segregate customer lists between storefronts to cater to specific market segments.
  • Subtle Brand Differentiation with Skins: Maintain brand recognition during acquisitions. Utilize skins to subtly showcase acquired companies’ branding within the platform, fostering customer familiarity and minimizing disruption.
  • Open Platform, Empowered Marketing: Unlock your full potential. The platform offers an open architecture, giving you and your marketing team complete control to tailor the platform to your specific needs and implement innovative strategies. This includes capabilities like:
    • Full content and data access via Worker Portal interfaces or CSV uploads
    • Low code / no code interfaces to manage default theme / CSS settings
    • Extensive low code / no code user profiling capabilities with inheritance on a platform, customer site, customer account, or individual contact / user level
    • Low code Page Builder to design and implement you home page, content pages, and landing pages
    • Custom code injection to override UI/UX template via custom Javascript, HTML, and CSS
    • A general purpose JSON-based, restful-style API
  • Full-Blown B2B Functionality: Experience a solution built for B2B transactions. The platform comes equipped with all the functionalities you expect for B2B commerce ensuring a smooth and effortless self-experience for your professional customers to access product information, create quotes, place orders, track shipments, view invoices, make payments, and initiate returns. This includes native and ERP integrated features like:
    • A customer-account-centered data structure with inheritance by users
    • Google-style product search including categories, faceted search, make & model search, product families, and exploded view diagrams
    • Extensive customer pricing that translates and syncs data from the ERP and matches the ERP logic in the catalog and cart,
    • Customer product aliases (for sku, name, description overrides)
    • Inventory levels by warehouse (synced from the ERP) and flexible display rules
    • Power customers (for multi-ERP customer access / ordering)
    • Quote and order workflow with rep-customer conversation tracking
    • CPQ / product configurator with BOM, inventory-level, and customer-pricing support
    • Supervisor approval workflow on orders
    • Full order and shipment tracking (synced from your ERP)
    • Full AR invoice, payment, and credit tracking (synced from your ERP)
    • Online invoice payments
    • Autopay for automated AR collections
    • Returns collecting and tracking
    • Punchout catalog support to integrate with your large customer’s procurement systems
  • Flexible SaaS Pricing: Pay as you grow. With a scalable SaaS model, you benefit from a subscription-based service that adapts to your evolving needs. Start small and scale up as your business demands more.

Empowering Your Portfolio Companies

By leveraging the CIMcloud B2B-first SaaS Ecommerce platform, you can empower your portfolio companies to:

  • Achieve explosive growth through efficient acquisition integration.
  • Streamline operations with seamless ERP integration and management.
  • Offer a differentiated customer experience with customized storefronts and brand recognition through skins.
  • Maintain a competitive edge with an open platform for advanced marketing strategies.
  • Optimize costs with a flexible SaaS pricing model.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your portfolio companies’ ecommerce operations? Contact CIMcloud to see how our B2B-first, open, fast, and integrated SaaS platform can be the key to your aggressive growth strategy.

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