Searchfields and Optional Fields


Search Fields and Optional Fields are configurations that can be set on products to narrow down and filter search results as well as options for the products.  Search Fields are used essentially as keywords when a customer searches for a product and Optional Fields are used as the options a customer has when selecting a product to purchase.


Step-by-Step Process:

To configure searchfields or optional fields, the worker, in the [Worker Portal], will navigate to:

Product Workspace →  Product Catalog →  Products

To modify an existing product, the worker will select the product on the page they were navigated to (the Manage Products page) and select ‘Edit’ under the Actions column for the desired product.  To add searchfields or optional fields to a new product, the worker will instead press the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Products’ link instead of clicking the ‘Products’ link.

The worker will be directed to the Product Add/Edit page where they can set the searchfields or optional fields.


The searchfields are broken into 5 different settings that can be configured:

– Product Category

  * This searchfield is used to set the main [category] for the product.

– Product Category 2

  * This searchfield is used to set the secondary [category] for the product.

– Product Category 3 and 4

  * If there are more [categories] that the product falls under, these are set in Product Category 3 and Product Category 4.

– Manufacturer/Brand

  * This searchfield is used to set the manufacturer or the brand of the product.

[insert screenshot of searchfields section]


Optional Fields

[I am not seeing these setup in 2.0]



Searchfields and/or Optional Fields are configured for the desired product(s).


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