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Thank you for visiting the CIMcloud Help Center!  You may have noticed that the Help Center is a little different than the last time you visited, and you are right. We are continuing to invest in creating more content to assist you on your CIM journey and making that content easier to use and to find.  And we are just getting started!

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Help & Support Help Center Welcome Help Center ContentThe CIMcloud Help Center continues to grow with members of our Customer Team, Product Team, Professional Services Team, Business Operations Team and Leadership Team making regular contributions. Whether you are just getting started with the CIMcloud Platform, looking to migrate from a classic site or are managing an integration between CIMcloud and another software platform with our API, we are working to provide you the information you need to achieve success!

Reorganized With You In Mind

Help & Support Help Center Welcome Help Center Organized ContentWith hundreds of articles available, we understand it may seem a little overwhelming. We have recently taken a big step forward in organizing the Help Center into categories that we hope will make it easier to find the answers you need.

And, wherever you are in the Help Center, we want to help you find where you may want to go next. Dive deep into content with our improved table of contents or find your way back to where you started with all of the links along the way with a breadcrumb trail.

Help & Support Help Center Welcome Help Center SearchSometimes you know what you want and you just want to find it quickly. Our improved search bar is always accessible and always read to help.

We have been making improvements under the hood to provide an even better search experience. Preliminary search results are delivered immediately and you can find a more comprehensive list by pressing return.  All you have to do is starting typing.

Just Getting Started

Help & Support Help Center Welcome Help Center FeedbackAlthough we are excited with our next step forward, we are just getting started. In addition to adding new content, our teams are also working to update our existing content to make it even more useful.  If you have any feedback, we hope you will take a few seconds to share it with us.

At the bottom of every article you have the choice to make your voice heard. With a single click, you can let us if you found the article useful.  If you take a few seconds to let us know why, that’s even better!  We review all feedback on a regular basis and share that feedback with the authors and across the entire organization.

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