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Monthly Fee Payment Method Change to Invoice

This article applies to CIMcloud customers who are currently paying their monthly CIMcloud fee via auto-drafted Credit Card or ACH.

On occasion, CIMcloud customers request that their recurring monthly fee be invoiced instead of auto-drafted via Credit Card or ACH.

We are happy to accommodate that request, but it’s important that you understand that your pricing with CIMcloud’s has already been adjusted to assume that your recurring payment is being auto-drafted via Credit Card or ACH.  This is due to the additional administrative overhead required to execute and process recurring invoicing.

Moving your recurring fee from auto-draft to invoice (bill me) will trigger the following things to happen.

  1. Your payment will be due on the first day of the billing cycle (we typically invoice 1 month prior to the due date)
  2. You can choose any of the following billing cycles: quarterly, semi-annually, or annually (note: monthly is not an option)
  3. Your price will increase by $125 / month or 6% of your current monthly fee (whichever is lower)
  4. You must be in good credit standing with CIMcloud

Note: If your company does not have a Credit Card (or has a policy that a Credit Card can not be used), CIMcloud can keep you on auto-draft, at your current pricing, via an automated monthly (or quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) ACH draft. Most business banks allow you to pre-approve ACH drafts by vendor, along with capping the dollar amount (also by vendor) that is pre-approved.

If you have any questions, please contact a Customer Success manager.

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