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Customer Support FAQ’s

How do I report an issue with my website, request help, or ask a general question?

CIMcloud uses a Customer Self-Service Portal called “Extranet” to track all work including support tickets, project tasks, upgrade requests, and general questions.  For assistance from a CIMcloud resource, please submit a ticket in Extranet.

How are support tickets prioritized, and when can I expect my ticket to be addressed?

Tickets are classified by severity level and then in the order the request is received.  Please see article Technical Support – Severity Levels for information on severity levels.

I am upgrading my ERP system, what do I need to do for my ERP integrated CIMcloud application?

Because our platform is integrated with your ERP system, there may be changes needed on our side to keep your data syncing after your ERP system upgrade.  The first step is to let us know of the upcoming change with as much lead time as possible (we request a 2 week minimum for scheduling purposes).  You can let us know of the change by filling out the upgrade form.  For information, see the article Instructions for CIMcloud Customers Upgrading Their ERP.





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