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Policy on Customer-Implemented Customizations

Effective Date: 9/21/2023


The purpose of this policy is to define the support boundaries for customizations implemented by customers, their third parties, or our partners in the CIMcloud platform through HTML/JavaScript/CSS.

Policy Statement

  1. Scope: This policy covers customizations made via HTML/JavaScript/CSS in the CIMcloud platform.
  2. Responsibility:
    1. Customer: The customer is responsible for any customization they, their third parties, or our partners implement in the CIMcloud platform, as well as any changes conflicting with future updates to the CIMcloud platform.
      1. Note: Updates to the CIMcloud platform aims for backwards compatibility, but we cannot guarantee perpetual functionality of all customizations.  Therefore, reviewing release notes and testing functionality before a version update is recommended.
    2. Company: Our company will not review, validate, or provide direct support for customizations made by any party outside our core development team.
  3. Error Reporting & Debugging:
    1. If a customer reports an error or issue on a page where customizations have been implemented:
      1. The customer must first disable all customizations and retest the issue.
      2. If the problem persists without the customizations, our support team will investigate the issue.
    2. Our company will only debug issues implemented by our customers with their customizations turned off.
    3. Any error or issue that arises solely due to these customizations will need to be resolved by the party that implemented the customization. We will not be responsible for rectifying such issues.
  4. Feedback & Suggestions:
    1. While we do not directly support customizations, we welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve the core product or its customizability.
    2. Feedback can be provided through our standard channels, and we’ll consider them for potential integration into future product releases.
  5. Limitations:
    1. Customizations should not infringe on the rights of any third party, violate any laws, or go against our platform’s terms and conditions.
    2. The company reserves the right to ask customers to remove customizations that violate our terms of service or if they are found to compromise the security or stability of the platform.
  6. Disclaimer: The company will not be held liable for any negative impact, including but not limited to performance degradation, data loss, or security vulnerabilities, that may result from customizations.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed annually or as deemed necessary by the company.

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