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User Connectivity Requirements


This article describes the network connectivity requirements for accessing Customer Sites and the Worker Portal.

End-User Connectivity Requirements for Customer Sites and Worker Portal

People access the Customer Sites and Worker Portals over the internet so there are a variety of reasons they may experience issues with site connectivity. Many requirements are general and are beyond the control of CIMcloud (“External” denoted items below) whereas some requirements are the responsibility of CIMcloud (“CIMcloud” denoted items below).

1) Internet Connection

  • [External] User must have an active connection to the internet.
  • [External] Internet networking must be intact between the user and services (DNS services, 3rd Party Proxy Services, CIMcloud data centers).

2) Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS is used to lookup an IP address for your website name.

  • If accessing your site via your own domain
    • [External] Your domain name must be active (not expired)
    • [External] Your DNS server must be reachable by users
    • [External] Your DNS settings must be configured properly for your CIMcloud site.
  • If accessing your site via acimproduction.com, mycimproduction, or any cim*.com domain
    • [CIMcloud] CIMcloud DNS servers must be functioning and reachable by users

3) 3rd Party Proxy Service Availability (if used)

Some sites use 3rd party services that act as a proxy between users and the Customer Site/Worker Portal in order to provide security or caching services (ex: CloudFlare).

  • [External] 3rd party proxy data centers must have an active internet connection that is accessible by users and can access CIMcloud data centers.
  • [External] 3rd party proxy services must be available and healthy.

4) CIMcloud Service Availability

  • [CIMcloud] CIMcloud data centers must have an active internet connection
  • [CIMcloud] Customer Site and Work Portal services must be available and healthy

5) Security Restrictions

  • [External] User connection must not be blocked by their antivirus software, their firewall, or a party security service they utilize.
  • [CIMcloud] User must connect from a geographic location and IP address that have not been blocked by CIMcloud.

Solving Connectivity Problems

Review and verify the connectivity requirements above have been met.

  • Problems with External requirements should be solved by either the user, the site owner, or another service provider.
  • Problems with CIMcloud requirements can often be confirmed by checking https://status.cimcloud.com/. If you need assistance please see How to Submit a Support Task.

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