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FedEx Integration Changes

Upcoming Changes to FedEx API

FedEx recently announced an upcoming change to their API. We use this API to allow you to return FedEx shipping rates on your shipping methods.  

Don’t worry!  We are aware of this change and are working to update our integration with the new FedEx API before the May 15th, 2024 sunset of the current API.

What do I need to do?

  1. If you currently use FedEx rates and have API keys – please do not disable any existing Access keys being used, as you may not be able to get a new legacy access key.
  2. Before May 15th, 2024 – you will need to update your site to use the new FedEx API.  We will provide information on how to do so once our integration has been updated. 

Please submit a task to our Support Team if you have any immediate questions or concerns.

Getting new FedEx 0Auth credentials

To obtain the new credentials for FedEx, you can follow the information from FedEx as noted here after logging into your account –https://developer.fedex.com/api/en-us/get-started.html

The general steps

  1. Create a Project
  2. Select APIs for the project (these are the different services you will use)
  3. Configure Project
  4. Test Keys are Generated.
  5. Move Project to Production to get the final keys needs to add to CIMcloud platform

Create a  Project In FedEx

Once logged into FedEx.com In the footer click on FedEx Developer Portal

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Select My Projects from the left menu

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Click Create A Project

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Create Fedex Project

Select Option for API needs. The option “Ships with FedEx and is using third-party software that has requested API keys” is the typical choice for this use case.

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Provide the third party information

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Select APIs for your project

After entering the above it will scroll you down to this section. Select Ship, Rate, and other APIs

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

After Selecting scroll down more and you will see the options for the different APIs. For CIMcloud the options you would select depend on your project scope but the ones to consider are:

  • Rate and Transit Times API  – This is the standard package rating and part of the base CIMcloud offering
  • Address Validation API – This is needed if have the add on bundle that includes address validation and you are using FedEx for this.
  • Freight LTL API – This is needed if purchased the Advanced Shipping Bundle and wanting to use FedEx to rate LTL/Freight shipments

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Configure Project

After Selecting click Next at the bottom of the page and then you will need to Configure Project (You can typically just select Next)

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Agree to Terms and Conditions and verify you are not a vendor. Then click Create

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

You will get confirmation. Click OK

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Text Keys Generated

This will generate Test Keys. You will need to click on the Production Key tab to get Production credentials for the CIMcloud integration

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Production Keys

Clicking On Production Key sand adding desired Account to give Production Keys will give you the information needed to enter into the CIMcloud platform. Make sure you gather the information and store securely for entering into CIMcloud as the secret key is only provided at this time.

For CIMcloud the Information in API key is the value needed for Client ID,  the Secret Key is Client Secret, and Shipping Account is the Account Number

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex

Once you have these credentials, they can be added to the CIMcloud platform.

Adding FedEx Credentials to Core Versioned Sites (Release 2024.02 and greater)

Once you have the above credentials, you can add them to the site in Application Settings > Shipping

Choose the option Use FedEx Integration.

Select Standard (Rest API)

Enter the Client ID, Client Secret, and Account Number. (API Key, Secret Key, and Shipping Account from the FedEx Project)

Select the default Pick-up Type to use for rating. This is how you handle getting packages transferred to FedEx

Select the Rate Type you want type use the for the site. This is typically Account to get your specific rates but the other options are available.

If you are using FedEx Freight (Requires Add-on Bundle in CIMcloud) enter the Freight Account number

You can validate the credentials with the Test Credentials button.

Save the new credentials.

Go to the sitefront and test some orders to validate the shipping return.

Once populated, these are the rates that should be used. You can leave any legacy setting if you need to switch back. To switch back, remove the new settings and save.

Help & Support FedEx Integration Changes Fedex New Credentials

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