Version Update Overview


Version Updates can Include bug fixes, security enhancements, performance improvements, or new features to empower your business and meet evolving customer expectations.

Updating your software version is crucial for:

  • Addressing Vulnerabilities
  • Ensuring Compliance and Data Security
  • Optimizing Platform Performance
  • Improving Stability
  • Introducing New Tools and Integrations
  • Ensuring Seamless Compatibility Across Platforms

Process Paths

Based on your current version and complexity, our team will provide you with the path that will be the most successful based on your unique factors. You will be presented with one of the two options below: 

  • Simple Version Update – Relatively quick and low-risk version update. 
    • Only certain Version Updates will utilize this process. 
    • It involves installing the new version on your CIMcloud platform, publishing to your Live environment and then testing.
  • Standard Version Update – Most common version update process. 
    • This process will involve a Sandbox test environment that is not connected to your ERP system. 
    • The Standard process is utilized when:
      • Installing a new major release (large jump in version)
      • Minor version update with Customizations. 

Cost – The software and standard work is free (included with your monthly fee), but there may be costs associated with ensuring your customization are functioning properly.

Additional Information – Learn more about CIMcloud Platform Version Updates

If you are not sure how to proceed, or are ready to move forward with your Version Update, please submit a Task in Extranet and our Team will reach out with next steps.

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