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Product Releases – Why Should I Update?


CIMcloud releases new core versions each week in the form of patch, minor, and major versions.  As a SaSS-centric company, we encourage all our customer’s to be on the latest version for a variety of reasons.  At this time, CIMcloud involvement is required as we work towards customers updating core versions on their own.  There can be some hesitancy to update your site, especially if you have a highly customizable solution.

In this article we’ll list out the benefits and risks when updating to the latest version.

You can track all Product Releases within the Help Center.

We have written an extensive article around the Version Update Process in our Help Center as well.


  • Bug fixes in application logic
  • Bug fixes in core data
  • New features and capabilities in each release
  • Latest security updates
  • Smaller version “hops” are easier than larger “hops”
    • That is, there is less risk updating more frequently, as opposed to less frequently


  • Reworked/deprecated functionality could require professional services
    • Submit a ticket to Extranet for an estimate to update your site’s core version
    • Sandbox Environments de-risk disruption to your site when updating core versions

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