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Version Update Project Tracking Tool with Checklists


This document provides and explains a sample project tracking tool that the Project Manager and Lead Operator can use to manage a Live Version Update project on the CIMcloud platform.  It also includes a walk-through explanation video of the tool, including context on why the different parts of the tool can be useful.

Project Tracking Tool (Example) Template

The project tracking tool template includes:

  • Simple tools for issue collection and tracking + task / to do tracking
  • An overall Project Plan (checklist of process stages and steps)
  • A sample Test Checklist (that can be used as a starting point to build your checklist)
  • A sample Product-User text Matrix Checklist
  • A sample Go Live Checklist

Tool Download

This is a link to the example tool in a Google Sheet format.  You can download a copy of this template to excel by click File > Download (then pick your format).

View/Download Example Project Tracking Tool >>

Video Explanation of Tool and Process

Who Does This Apply To?

In short, every CIMcloud customer that is about to go through a minor or major version update.

This tool (and the associated video) was designed to lower the risk of a the version update process.  It was designed with large / heavy adoption customers in mind (i.e. CIMcloud customers that have heavy adoption / usage of the CIMcloud platform).  It is a comprehensive approach designed to snuff out issues during the preparation stages, so the go live stage is much more likely to go smoothly.

A scaled back approach could be considered (but the same core steps apply) if your tolerance for unintended issues (associated with a change like a major version update) is higher.

The following articles provide additional context on the Live Version Update process and CIMcloud environments.




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