The 5 Critical Roles For A Fast Start


Below are the five (5) critical roles (or “hats”) that should be assigned immediately to get your CIMcloud implementation project off to a fast start.  Each role includes the task(s) they need to complete in Stage 1 (Getting Connected) of the project.

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The 5 Roles to Assign (& Their Tasks)

  • Program Manager
  • IT / Network Admin Expert *
    • This person will provide the CIMcloud deployment team the network access and ERP credentials they need to install the ERP Sync Tool.
    • Task #1: Complete the ERP Sync Tool Pre-Install Checklist
  • ERP / Financial Data (& Business Process) Expert *
    • This person will provide the CIMcloud deployment team with business decisions on how data will be synced into and out of your ERP system.
    • Task #1: Complete the ERP Sync Configuration Questionnaire
  • Lead Project Manager
    • This person is responsible for delivering the project goal (scope) on time and on budget.
    • Task #1: Complete the Project Manager Onboarding Checklist
      • This includes the General Orientation Checklist
  • Lead Implementer (& Lead Operator)
    • This person will become the in-house domain expert and the lead administrator of the CIMcloud platform and ERP sync.  They need to be able to learn & know how everything is set up and works.
    • Task #1: Complete the General Orientation Checklist
    • Task #2: Complete the Implementer Onboarding Checklist
      • Available in the Help Workspace once the CIMcloud platform is deployed.

* These 2 roles are critical for initial deployment, so fill them quickly to avoid delays.  They are much less significant roles overall to your program and project (when compared to the other 3 roles listed above).

Make Sure They “GWC” The Role

Each role needs to be filled with a person that GWCs (Gets it, Wants it, Capacity to do it) the role. If they don’t, you will have problems.

More Detailed Explanations

For more detailed explanations of each of the roles listed above, and the other critical roles that come into play in Stage 2 and 3 of the implementation, go to Critical Roles (Job Functions) by Implementation Stage.

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