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Complete The ERP Sync Tool Pre-Install Checklist


The ERP Sync Tool Pre-Install Checklist (f.k.a. “Critical Path Document”) needs to be completed and sent back to CIMcloud so we can install the sync tool that will move data between your Sage ERP system and the CIMcloud platform.  This checklist includes items like 1) verifying that minimum system requirements are met, 2) unblocking the CIMcloud IP address for outbound traffic, 3) setting up remote access to the server that is running your Sage ERP system, 4) creating a Sage 100 user login that the ERP Sync Tool will use, etc.

Role Responsible (for This Task)

The role responsible for completing this checklist is the “IT / Network Admin Expert”.  For details on this role, and many other critical roles, involved implementing the CIMcloud platform and operating your solution, go to Critical Roles (Job Functions) By Implementation Stage.

More Details About The ERP Sync

These articles provide more details on CIMcloud’s ERP sync tool and install process.

Server Requirements for Hosting CIMcloud Sync Tool

The CIMcloud Sync Tool that moves data between the ERP and CIMcloud platform typically runs on the server hosting the ERP system but at a minimum must be on the same network. The following are the minimum server requirements as listed in the checklist linked below.

  • Windows 2012 R2 SP1 or greater
  • Two Dual-core processors
  • 2GB of RAM memory
  • 5GB of hard disk space on the drive that holds Windows
    Note: this is required for the Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework and swap space for XML files
  • The CIMcloud ERP Sync Tool must be installed on the same server that is running the ERP system
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or greater( This only applies if you are using Sage 100 Premium)
  • Your ERP vendor may require a newer version of Windows or SQL Server than the versions above.
    Sage’s Supported Platform Matrices, which includes Windows and SQL Server versions, can be found here: https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?externalId=47649 

Actions Needed By You

Take the following actions to complete this step in the deployment process.

  • Download the checklist below
  • Complete the checklist and send it back to your CIMcloud Customer Success Manager

Security Tip:

Please follow these guidelines for any login credentials that you set up related to CIMcloud (including those intended to help the deployment specialists complete the ERP sync tool install, and those required to allow the ERP sync tool to run):

  • Only use strong, unique passwords and store them in a secure place
  • Do NOT email passwords directly to CIMcloud
  • Use a service like Password Link to send it instead.

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