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ERP Sync Tool (ERP Driver) Technical Details


The purpose of this document is to provide some additional technical details on CIMcloud’s ERP Sync Tool (called “ERP Driver”) and how it moves data between the CIMcloud platform and your ERP system.

The CIMcloud ERP Sync Tool (ERP Driver)…

  • Is built on the .NET Framework.
  • Runs as a windows service directly on your ERP server.
  • Communicates with your CIMcloud platform via a secure TLS 1.2 HTTPS connection using RSA encryption.
  • Initiates all communication with the CIMcloud platform.
  • Sends (PUSH) changes (of relevant data in your ERP system) to the CIMcloud’s API.
  • Initiates a download (PULL) of data from the CIMcloud API to your ERP server.
  • Does NOT require any special firewall ports or inbound connections mapped through your firewall.
  • Logs activity data for forensic analysis, like:
    • Last runtime
    • Number of records exported/imported
    • Exceptions
    • Successful / failed imports

This setup offers a high level of security for you and us, because all ERP Driver needs is an active outbound internet connection.

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