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Complete the ERP Sync Configuration Questionnaire


The ERP Sync Configuration Questionnaire needs to be filled out and sent back to CIMcloud so we can complete the standard deployment of the CIMcloud Sync Tool.  This questionnaire includes a list of choices you can make that determine how data is synced between your ERP system and CIMcloud. This includes things like 1) default fields to set on Sales Orders being imported into the ERP, 2) filters to apply to customers, products, warehouses, etc that sync from the ERP to CIMcloud, 3) choices on how cash receipts are imported for online invoice payments, etc.

Role Responsible (for This Task)

The role responsible for completing this questionnaire is the “ERP / Financial Data (& Business Process) Expert”.  For details on this role, and many other critical roles, involved implementing the CIMcloud platform and operating your solution, go to Critical Roles (Job Functions) By Implementation Stage.

More Details About The ERP Sync

These articles provide more details on CIMcloud’s ERP sync tool and install process.

Actions Needed By You

Take the following actions to complete this step in the deployment process.

  • Download the questionnaire below
  • Complete the questionnaire and send it back to your CIMcloud Customer Success Manager

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