Acumatica Data Sync Overview


CIMcloud uses the standard APIs in Acumatica to pull and push data from the CIMcloud platform to and from Acumatica. CIMcloud hosts its “ERP Driver” sync tool for each website on the CIMcloud side. This sync tool has built in features for error reporting, runtime logging, and processes for resyncing data that may have failed a lookup to linked data. If the sync tool find exceptions it cannot fi, CIMcloud has an exception reporting system to let CIMcloud and the site owner know of sync related issues.

The CIMcloud platform does not use an active connect to the ERP system to pull any data directly to a specific user’s website session, instead CIMcloud pulls data on a regular basis  into its database and uses this to display information to the end user (the timing of synced data depends on the data but is typically every few minutes). This includes pricing which uses a custom high speed pricing engine to replicate ERP pricing. This has the following advantages:

  1. The ERP system does not need to be available for the website to be functional. The website will continue to run using the last data pulled and data going to the ERP is held until the ERP system is available.
  2. API calls are not tied directly to users limiting impacts of throttling based on ERP API call/min limitations.
  3. Website performance/speed is improved by not tying it directly to ERP API calls.

Data Synced from the ERP to CIMcloud

CIMcloud uses the standard Acumatica API and odata to pull data from Acumatica. This data is pulled from custom Generic Inquires specifically for CIMcloud and installed at the beginning of the project. These Generic Inquiries are all prefixed with “CIMcloud-“. Data synced from Acumatica to CIMcloud is updated based on the LastModifiedDateTime field on the tables from which the data is pulled. The CIMcloud sync process tracks the last time data was pulled from the specific table and will pull any data with a LastModifiedDataTime after the last time data was pulled. All data that is synced for the specific entity is updated at this time and not just the specific data that changed at that time.

Data that is synced from the ERP should be managed in the ERP and data that is synced from the ERP on CIMcloud records should not typically be updated on the CIMcloud record. If updated on the CIMcloud record it will get over-written by the ERP data the next time the record syncs. For example, if managing the product display name from the ERP and you update the display name on the CIMcloud record, the next time anything is changed on the product in the ERP and that record syncs, it will update the product display name to the value from the ERP.

The following Generic Inquires are created (Many of these items below link out to additional articles with more information on the specific information synced). Some of these Generic Inquiries are related to additional Bundles/features which may not be in scope for all websites:


























Data Synced from CIMcloud to Acumatica

CIMcloud uses the standard Acumatica REST API to populate data in Acumatica. The following data is synced from CIMcloud to Acumatica. As available the listed items will link to articles with details.

Sales Orders 

Invoice Payments


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