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ERP Bi-Directional Sync Demo Videos (Acumatica)


This article provides an overview and demo videos of the how the CIMcloud Sync Tool moves data near-real-time between the CIMcloud Platform and your ERP / Accounting system.  The video demos the CIMcloud platform syncing with Acumatica ERP system (as an example) and covers the following:

  • Product and Pricing Edits in Acumatica Sync to CIMcloud Catalog
    • Editing a product and it’s pricing in the ERP and seeing it update the CIMcloud product catalog for a logged in B2B customer.
  • Order placed in CIMcloud and CIMcloud to Acumatica
    • Adding a product to the cart, checking out and placing the order, and seeing that order after it synced into Acumatica.

Demo Videos (CIMcloud to Acumatica Sync)

All of the below demonstration videos are showing data syncing between a CIMcloud demo site (running our standard platform and ERP sync) and a Acumatica ERP system.

Product and Pricing Edits in Acumatica to CIMcloud Catalog

Order Placed in CIMcloud and Synced to Acumatica

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