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The Program Manager role (also referred to as a “hat” or “job function”) is the single most critical role for your overall CIM / eCommerce initiatives.  This role is responsible for setting the vision and direction of the program (the vision has to align with the overall company vision / goals), and is accountable for making sure the program drives return on investment back to the organization.

The Program Manager, in nearly all cases, has budget approval authority (i.e. they can approve spending).

The Program Manager is typically a member of the ELT (Executive Leadership Team) at a company.  If they are not on the ELT, they need to have meaningful influence with the ELT members.

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Identify a Program Manager (Task #1)

The first, and arguably the most important, task related to getting your CIMcloud Implementation on track is determining who the Program Manager will be for your ongoing CIM (Customer Interaction Management) Program.  That person has to deliver on the 4 “Musts” and the 6 Key Responsibilities listed below. They should also accomplish the 2 Immediate To Do’s (also below) during the onboarding phase of the first project.

The 4 “Musts”

The Program Manager job function:

  • Must be filled by 1 and only 1 person
  • Must be known (who it is) by all parties involved
  • Must GWC the role
  • Must take on all 6 key responsibilities

The 6 Key Responsibilities

These are the 6 key responsibilities of a Program Manager:

  • Maintain a clear (written) vision and goals for the program.
  • Verify you have the software platform(s) you need to carry out the vision.
  • Decide which projects to do and when to do them (including budget authority).
  • Make sure each approved project has clearly written goals, budget, and timeline.
  • Fill the critical roles (see below) on each project (especially the initial implementation), with people that GWC each role.
  • Fill the program and solution job functions with people that GWC each role (in-house or with contractors).

In short, the Program Manager is accountable for delivering business results to the organization.  They decide which projects to do and when to do them.  They also make sure the project manager (on each project) is assigned, can do the job, has a clear set of goals, and has access to the people and budget required to accomplish the goals.

Immediate To Do (for Initial Implementation)

The Program Manager, once assigned, needs to get the rest of the core implementation team assigned.  Use the following article as a quick reference for the four (4) additional roles your need and the key tasks each role needs to do.


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