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Complete & Distribute the Team Org Chart


A critical part of a successful project is having the right project team.  The is the “Org Chart” for your project (and overall program).  The first step in getting the right team together is understanding what roles (also called “hats” or “job functions”) need to be filled.

This article provides a downloadable tool that you can use, as a starting point, to identify the job functions involved in a successful CIM (eCommerce and CRM) Program, Project(s), and resulting solution (using the CIMcloud Platform along with your ERP / Account Platform).   You can also use the tool to fill out the names of the team members that will fill each job function (and/or identify and resolve gaps).

Video Overview

Note: the presentation slides used in the above video can be downloaded in the Attachments section at the bottom of this article.

More Details on Each Job Function (Role)

This article contains a lot more details on the job functions listed in the worksheet.  It also includes some typical “combo roles” that have proven to be successful (where 1 person takes on multiple roles).


Before completing the Job Functions Worksheet (below), we strongly recommend that you get familiar with  CIMcloud’s Program, Projects, Platforms, and Solution (PPPS) Framework.

Next Steps

  1. Download the excel attachment below (the Job Functions Worksheet)
  2. Complete the sheet with names of  the team members who will fill each job function
  3. Identify any job functions that are gaps (and develop a plan to address them)
    1. Need help filling gaps? The CIM Professional Services Group can help.
  4. Distribute the job functions worksheet to business stakeholders on your team to get alignment and buy-in
  5. Distribute the job functions worksheet to your project (program and solution) team members

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