The Implementer Roles


Implementers are the people that take the “out of the box” CIMcloud platform and do all of the work to “move in” and get it ready for live usage by your customers and reps (CRM Workers).  Implementers role their sleeves up and get the work done.  This includes:

  • Making strategic business decisions on settings and data / content organization and presentation
  • Turning on and off features
  • Preparing and loading product data
  • Preparing and loading content
  • Preparing and loading images and files
  • Making lots of general configuration settings and choices
  • Getting order entry settings (like shipping calculations, tax calculations, etc) configured and tested
  • Setting up, loading, and testing and applicable 3rd party services credentials (like UPS, FedEx, USPS, Avalara, your payment gateway / merchant account, Google Analytics, etc)
  • Getting applicable search engine content setup and tested (including meta data and 301 redirects)
  • Testing and stabilizing the platform and ERP sync with your data and settings loaded
  • Getting your domain name(s) pointed to the customer site(s)

The Lead Implementer

The Lead Implementer is the person that will become the in-house domain expert and the lead administrator of the CIMcloud platform and ERP sync.  They typically become the Lead Operator after go live.

  • They need to (learn &) know how everything is set up and works.
  • They need to have a combination of strong technical skills and deep business process knowledge.
  • They need to have a high level of executive functioning and personal organization skills.
  • They need to understand your customers and your reps so they can make implementation decisions that will positively impact the eventual usage and adoption of the CIMcloud platform.
  • They will work in the Settings Workspace, Product Workspace, and Content Workspace.
  • This will be the go-to expert (for all other Workers) on how CIMcloud and the ERP sync works.
  • They, along with your Project Manager, will be the lead contact with CIMcloud for any support requests and will also typically work directly with any professional services consultants / implementation partners.

This is one of the 5 critical roles to fill for a fast start.

All other Implementers

Implementers are involved in some or all parts of the Implementation and Live Rollout stages of your initial CIMcloud Implementation.

  • They are also may be be involved in the ongoing operations of CIMcloud (after go live).
  • They work in the Settings Workspace, Product Workspace, and/or Content Workspace.
  • They need to have a combination of solid technical skills and business process knowledge.
  • They will seek help, coaching, and training from the Lead Implementer.
  • They may help with or fill one or more of these roles:
    • Product / Content / Data Manager
    • Product Catalog / Info Architect
    • End-to-End QA Tester

Implementer Onboarding Checklist

This article covers the Implementer Onboarding Checklist. It should be amongst the first things that all any / all Implementers complete.  The Lead Implementer completes this in Stage 1.  All other Implementers complete this in Stage 2 (immediately after getting their Worker login).

More Details on Roles

More details can be found on the above roles (and many others) in the Critical Roles by Implementation Stage article.

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