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The 3PS (Program, Projects, Platforms & Solution) Framework

When implementing any major software platform like CIMcloud, it is critical that you understand the basics of what we call the Program, Projects, Platforms, and Solution (“PPPS” or “3PS”) Framework.  The CIMcloud team has decades of experience implementing B2B eCommerce, B2C eCommerce, and CRM-style applications with back end ERP / accounting integrations.  This article (and the 3PS Framework it explains) helps you gain a clear picture of the factors in play that can make the difference between your program and projects ending in success or failure.

PPPS Details

This video is approximately 30 minutes long and rich in content.  The concepts presented are a “must” for the Program Manager and Lead Project Manager roles.  It is strongly recommended for the Lead Implementer and Lead Operator roles.  It may be useful for others roles (as decided by the Program Manager and Project Manager).

3PS Overview

Implementing an ecommerce website with an ERP sync is complex. Clearly defining your goals and the key people needed to complete them helps ensure your project will be successful. 

Not having goals or key roles assigned is one the biggest hurdles to a successful website launch. CIMcloud uses the 3PS Framework to define project deliverables and who is responsible for them. 

It is strongly recommended that your team become familiar with the following concepts below to help ensure your project(s) stay on track.

Program – A long-term series of Projects focused on:

  • Allowing customers to self-service (to drive loyalty)
  • Increasing employee visibility
  • Integrating with existing system

Project(s) – The individual steps taken to:

  • Add capabilities to your Solution
  • Increase adoption/usage by customers and employees

Platforms(s) – The third-party software Platform(s) that you implement to serve as the foundation of your Solution.

Solution – The online Solution (Platforms + customizations + data/configs) you roll-out to customers and employees through Projects working towards your Program vision.


Once you have your goals defined, it is time to Assemble Your Team. For your project to be successful, you will need people who:

Get It – Understand The Role And Responsibilities

Want It – Want The Role & Enthusiastically Take It On

Capacity To Do It – Have The Skills, Time & Energy To Do The Work


Below is an overview of The 5 Critical Roles that are essential to a successful start for your project. 

  • Program ManagerAccountable for delivering business results to the organization. 
  • IT / Network Admin Expert – Provides the CIMcloud Deployment Team the access and credentials needed to install the ERP Sync Tool.
  • ERP / Financial Data (& Business Process) Expert – Provides the CIMcloud deployment team with business decisions on how data will be synced into and out of your ERP system.
  • Lead Project Manager – This person is responsible for delivering the project goal (scope) on time and on budget.
  • Lead Implementer (& Lead Operator) – This person will become the in-house domain expert and the lead administrator of the CIMcloud platform and ERP sync.  They need to (learn &) know how everything is set up and works.

Understanding all of the roles needed, and who will fill them, will keep your project defined and on schedule. 

If you’re unsure how to take next steps, please submit an Extranet Task and ask to speak with a Customer Success Manager. 

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