The Program, Projects, Platforms, and Solution (PPPS) Framework


When implementing any major software platform like CIMcloud, it is critical that you understand the basics of what we call the Program, Projects, Platforms, and Solution (or “PPPS”) Framework.  The CIMcloud team has decades of experience implementing B2B eCommerce, B2C eCommerce, and CRM-style applications with back end ERP / account integrations.  This article (and the PPPS Framework it explains) helps you gain a clear picture of the factors in play that can make the difference between your program and projects ending in success or failure.

Should I Invest In a CIM Program (The “Why”)?

This video explains why all product-centric companies should make setting up and running a CIM program a top priority with executive level engagement and oversight.

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PPPS Summary (Abridged Version)

This is an abridged introduction to the PPPS framework.  It should be viewed by all people involved in setting up, maintaining, and running the CIMcloud platform.

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PPPS Details (Full Version)

This video is approximately 30 minutes long and rich in content.  The concepts presented are a “must” for the Program Manager and Lead Project Manager roles.  It is strongly recommended for the Lead Implementer and Lead Operator roles.  It may be useful for others roles (as decided by the Program Manager and Project Manager).

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