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YPO Ecommerce Summit (Charlotte 3/2022)


This article is intended for attendees who requested additional information related to the B2B Ecommerce Playbook | 3PS (Program, Projects, Platform(s), and Solution) Framework presented by Brian Seidel at the YPO Ecommerce Summit on 3/22/2022.

This article includes:

  • A link to the content / presentation deck covered in the session
  • Links to additional related content that was not covered in the session

The 3PS Framework

This 3PS Framework was created by CIMcloud to assist customers in setting up a long-term successful initiative (called a “Program”) that leads towards the ultimate goal of 1) dominating your market, and 2) automating your customer interactions.

Video Overview

Session Presentation

The following are PPTX and PDF versions of the actual session presentation deck used.

Note: Brian Seidel’s contact information was removed from the last slide.

Additional Resources

The following articles can provide additional details / context on the 3PS Framework.

General Resources

Setting Up Your Team

Setting Up Your First / Next Project




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