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3 Steps to Set Up Your First Project

This article introduces some basic concepts that will help you plan and run a success CIMcloud implementation project.

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Note: the presentation slides used in the above video can be downloaded in the Attachments section at the bottom of this article.

3 Steps To Set Up Your Project

Step 1. Written Goals

Step 1 is making sure you have a clear set of goals for your project.  You can keep this simple and use a clearly written set of outcome statements on what “done” looks like for a successful phase 1 project.  We recommend have 3 to 5 key results that represent success (if nothing else happens, these are the 3 to 5 things that need to get done).  Get buy-in from the business stakeholders that your goals are on track, and share the goals with your project team.  Focus on two types of goals:

    1. Capability (Functionality) Goals – these are the software features you will set up, test, and go live with.  We call this entire process “onboarding”.
    2. Adoption (Usage) Goals – these are goals related to getting your co-workers and customers using CIMcloud so you can gain a return on your investment of time and money.

Note: The Program Manager is responsible for determining the first go live goal for your initial CIMcloud implementation project.  As the Project Manager, you should work with them to make sure you have a clear understanding of the goal(s).

Step 2. Establish a Team

Step 2 is establishing a “team” of people that will be involved in completing the project.  Your Program Manager should have already assigned the the 5 critical roles to get Stage 1 (Getting Connected) of your implementation project off to a fast start.  Additional roles are needed as you progress into Stage 2 (Implementation) and Stage 3 (Live Roll-out).

CIMcloud’s PPPS Framework includes a Job Functions Worksheet that will help you identify and assign the typical roles that are involved in a CIMcloud implementation project.  We highly recommend that you complete the Job Functions Worksheet and share it will the entire team, particularly the business stakeholders that are counting on you to deliver this project.

GWC Fit for Each Job Function

When assigning team members and managing your risks, all job functions must be filled with someone that Gets It, Wants It, and has the Capacity To Do It.  This is called having a GWC fit.   If they don’t GWC the job function, you will have problems.

Step 3. Plan & Track the Work

Step 3 is establishing (and continuously modifying) the plan.  The job of the plan is to break down the work and timeline involved in getting from the project kickoff to the completion of the project goals (outcomes / key results).  As a project management, this is a key tool in keeping the project on scope, on time, and on budget.

The plan includes the list of tasks that must be done, the dates they must be completed by, and the person (on the team) that is responsible for completing the task.  It is typical to identify milestones for the project to track progress by.  The plan and tasks can be accomplished with something as simple as a shared spreadsheet, or something more elaborate like only project management software tools (with a full work breakdown structure, task dependencies, milestones, ghantt charts, etc).

A great place to start your plan (and the tasks that will be on your list) is the CIMcloud Help Center > Onboarding Guide > Orientation Checklist.  This is a very comprehensive list of the typical tasks involved in getting from buying CIMcloud to going live on the CIMcloud platform.

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