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B2B to B2C – Setting up a Public Web Store


You’ve made the decision to update your B2B portal to a public facing web store, but what is required to start selling online to the general public?

The following article walks through a general checklist of items to consider before launching your public web store.  This list is intended to help you think through business decisions and how they apply to your CIMcloud website.  For additional help and expert consulting, consider an implementation partner.


  1. Determine default/public customer pricing – it is typical to use the standard or retail price in Sage as the price a public customer will see and pay on the website.  However, you can configure a specific price group to apply to anonymous (not logged in) customers in the Applications Settings section of the Worker Portal. 
  2. Determine if you will allow “guest” checkout (user can checkout without creating a username and password)
  3. Confirm/setup anonymous tax matching rules for charging sales tax 
  4. Confirm/setup shipping methods available to guest checkout/new customers
  5. Confirm/setup payment methods for guest checkout/new customers
  6. Consider SEO settings for static pages, sitemaps, etc. 


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