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A Public Store allows anonymous user to browse and search your online product catalog, see public prices, add products to a shopping cart, and checkout / place orders.

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A Public Store is just a traditional “Retail Ecommerce Site” or “Shopping Cart Site”.  It describes a CIMcloud customer site that:

  • Is public-facing, allowing anonymous users to
    • Access your products / product catalog, including default/public pricing
    • Add products to a shopping cart
    • Check out and place an order
  • May serve as your corporate website
  • Is largely focused on the presentation of the product catalog & shopping experience
    • It typically includes a keyword search, featured products, product categories, etc
    • It can show inventory availability (inventory bundle is required)
  • Has a shopping cart and checkout process that
    • Allows returning customers to login and checkout (with their saved data)
    • Allows new customers to create accounts and checkout
    • May allow new customers to check out as a “guest” (meaning they don’t set up a username and password)
  • May contain public-facing content pages (like About Us, Locations, Policies, etc)
  • May contain a contact us form (that collects, logs, and emails the information submitted)
  • Has a link for for existing customers to login, where they will see & manage
    • Their account information (billing, shipping, and login info)
    • Their orders and shipments
    • [If B2B] Their invoices, payments, and credits

Video Overview

This is a demo-style video walkthrough of a public-facing web store / ecommerce site built on the CIMcloud platform.

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