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Displaying featured Products is a feature that allows you to highlight chosen products on specific pages (including the homepage) of the website.  These products will be showcased in a section labeled ‘Trending Products’ and will be clearly visible to customers when viewing the pages they are displayed on.

Whether you’re highlighting a discounted item to turn over excess inventory, or drawing attention to new items you’ve just started carrying, this is a great feature to promote specific items you want to increase traffic to!

What a Customer Sees

Example A (On Website Homepage)

Retail Catalog Featured Products Trending Products

Example B (On Content Page)

Retail Catalog Featured Products Featured Products Display Content

What a Worker Sees

Featured Products displayed on the home page can be configured in Customer Site Design Settings:

Retail Catalog Featured Products Design Featured Products

Featured Products displayed on content pages can be configured on Content Pages:

Retail Catalog Featured Products Content Featured Products

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