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Featured Products is a CIMcloud Application feature that allows for highlighting chosen products on certain pages of the website.  These products will be showcased in a section labeled ‘Featured Products’ and will be clearly visible to customers when viewing pages they are displayed on.


Step-by-Step Process:

To enable a product to be a Featured Product:

  1. In the [worker portal] navigate to:

    Product Workspace →  Product Catalog →  Products 

  1. Once here, [the worker] can choose a product they would like to add as a Featured Product or add a new product and set is as a Featured Product. [Adding/Editing Products]
  2. On the Product Add/Edit page, navigate to the ‘General Information’ section at the top of the page and simply select ‘Yes’ for the ‘Featured Product’ configuration.

[insert screenshot of the featured product toggle]

To enable Featured Products on a [Page]:

  1. In the [worker portal] navigate to:

    Content Workspace →  Content →  Pages 

  1. Once here, [the worker] can choose a [Page] they would like to add a Featured Products section to -or- add a new page that would have this section. [Adding/Editing Pages]
  2. On the Page Add/Edit page in the [worker portal], navigate to the ‘Featured Products’ section.  Here, simply select ‘Yes’ for the ‘Show Featured Products?’ configuration to enable Featured Products to be shown on this webpage. 



A customer is able to view and be directed to, products that were purchased by customers who also purchased the product they are viewing.



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