Public Facing Catalog & Cart [H]


For CIMcloud site owners looking to expand on their platform usage, this bundle provides full B2C capabilities and allows public facing (non-logged in) users to make purchases on the website. And like all CIMcloud applications it has direct integration with your existing ERP system.

This means your business can roll-out a new, or improved, B2C sales channel leveraging dynamic retail pricing and a seamless flow of orders into the ERP.

Another term for this application of the CIMcloud platform is “full retail”, which requires the purchase of the Public Facing Catalog [F]¬†bundle as a pre-requisite.

Summary of Features

  • Guest Checkout / Anonymous User Shopping Cart
    • Allows “anonymous” site visitors to add items to cart and proceed to checkout without logging into the system
  • Cart Preview Window with Shipping Estimator
    • Prompts site visitors to provide their state and zip code to get shipping estimates before checking out
  • Cart Checkout Support for Returning, New, and Guest Accounts
    • Prompts users to either log in, create an account, or checkout as a guest
  • Tax Schedule Matching Rules Engine on Ship-to Address
    • Leverages the ship to address on B2C orders to match with the tax schedule rules built within the CIMcloud application
  • Duplicate User Check and Warning
    • Provides a warning message when a user tries to create a new account with a contact email address that’s already tied to an existing account
  • ERP Customer Import Support
    • Creates a new customer record within your ERP system that’s associated with the order being placed on the site by an “anonymous” user

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