Retail Catalog: Public Facing Product Catalog (Bundle F)


While some CIMcloud customers have great marketing websites and are just looking to enhance their eCommerce functionality for B2B customers, some come to us needing to create (or re-create) their public facing website.

Sometimes this is simple content pages that tell site visitors who you are and what you do, but many times businesses see this as an opportunity to publicly display their product offering online.

By leveraging the CIMcloud Public Facing Catalog bundle you have a website template that will allow you to acquire new customers, break into new industries, or simply just do a better job of marketing your business offering.

Summary of Features

  • Retail Product Catalog
    • Public facing catalog that allows you to display your products online, then probe users to log in or contact the business for pricing and order capabilities
  • Mobile Responsive Design Template
    • Provides a modern user experience where users can access your website on any device that has an internet connection, without experiencing aesthetic or technical issues
  • Option to Show / Hide Pricing
    • Gives your business the flexibility to show retail pricing to perspective customers, or require a login to see pricing to avoid competitor gauging
  • Option to Show / Hide Inventory Levels (requires inventory bundle)
    • Allows you to control whether or not you want to publicly show inventory availability
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
    • Provides you with tools and capabilities to implement bring your SEO strategy into your CIMcloud website
  • Featured (“Trending”) Products
    • Controlled within the Product Workspace, you can set specific products to feature on your homepage (or any other content pages) to capture audience attention
  • Store / Dealer Locator
    • Gives site visitors an ability to find your business location(s) and provides various settings that can be managed as a site administrator
  • Sitemap Auto-Generator for Search Engines
    • Includes automated daily updates to ensure that your website (and therefore your business) is found by users
  • Google Product Feed
    • Allows you to tie a Google Merchant Center for your website with the Google Product Feed to return your products on search results

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