Google Services Training Videos

The following video series outlines the google services that are available with your CIMcloud application. These videos cover how to enable features, general google services setup, and some advanced topics.

Intro to Google Services

The following video is an intro to the Google Services training videos. It outlines what services will be covered in subsequent videos.



Google Tag Manager

Basic Setup

Create a Google Tag Manager account and tie the account to your CIMcloud application.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Preferred method for implementing Google Analytics on the CIMcloud application is through Google Tag Manager. The following video outlines how to setup inside of Google Tag Manager.


Additional Information

For additional information, go to the Google Tag Manager specific article.



Install Simple Tracking Code

Google Tag Manager opens up possibilities to extend the CIMcloud application with 3rd party tracking and script code. Adding this code inside of Tag Manager avoids development changes on the website and provides an easily manageable interface to view all tags used on the CIMcloud application.

Install Tracking Code using DataLayer

Add advanced tracking codes using the CIMcloud DataLayer elements. This video outlines how to connect available datalayer elements from CIMcloud to your Google Tag Manager account and utilize with other 3rd party services.


In a perfect world, everything would work the first try. With software, this is sometimes not the case and requires some debugging to connect the dots. This video outlines how to use Google Tag Managers debugging console to implement complex scripts.


Google Merchant Center

Submitting Google Product Feed

Enabling Google Product Feed on the website and how to submit the feed to the Google Merchant center.

Setting up your Shopping Feed for Google Merchant Center.

We’ve written up an article to cover the steps to setup your shopping feed generated on your CIMcloud site.


Google Analytics

Basic Google Analytics can be easily configured through the CIMcloud application. The preferred method for implementing Google Analytics is with Google Tag Manager, but the following options provide a fallback for users who either came from an older version of the platform or do not want to set up Google Tag Manager.

Basic Setup

Overview of the basic Google Analytics setup. This setup is only for tracking page views, impressions, referals, etc.

Ecommerce Tracking

Using Gooogle Enhanced ecommerce tracking provides conversion tracking metrics within Google Analytics.


Google Analytics 4

See our Google Analytics 4 – What to Know and Google Analytics 4 – Installation articles.


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