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Google Analytics 4 – Installation


As of release 2022.R1.4 (v4.4.0), Google Analytics 4 is now supported in core product.  Please see our Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – What To Know article for more information on this update.

This article will cover how you can install Google Analytics 4 on your site, and any notables around this integration.

Events automatically tracked with our standard Google Analytics 4 integration:

  • search -> Triggered when product search is made
  • view_item -> Triggered from loading product detail page
  • view_item_list -> Triggered from viewing search results or category pages
  • add_to_cart -> Triggered from adding to cart on search results or product detail page
  • view_cart -> Triggered when showcart.asp loads
  • begin_checkout -> Triggered from showcart.asp when Proceed button is clicked
  • add_shipping_info -> Triggered when account.asp loads
  • add_payment_info -> Triggered when Proceed button is clicked on account.asp
  • purchase -> Triggered when order is confirmed after checkout

Note: More events will be added in the future based off customer demand.  Please submit a ticket to extranet if you’d like to see expanded events, or set up GA4 with Google Tag Manager to create/modify you’re own events.

Installation Steps

  1. Create your Google Analytics 4 account and set the data stream to be “Web”
    1. Full steps are outlined here
  2. Copy your Google Tag ID / Measurement ID from your Google Analytics 4 Property
    1. Finding your Google Tag ID / Measurement ID steps
  3. Login to your CIMcloud Worker Portal
  4. Head to Customer Sites -> Click “edit” on the site you’d like to integrate with Google Analytics 4
  5. Scroll down to the “Google Analytics 4” section
    1. Reference [A] below
  6. Click “Yes” on the “Use Google Analytics 4” question
  7. Enter your Google Tag ID
  8. The DebugView question is optional, which helps with debugging events sent to GA4
    1. More information on DebugView
  9. Submit the Customer Site Settings page

Alternative Installation (via Google Tag Manager)

For more control over the events sent to Google Analytics 4, you can setup a GA4 Configuration Tag in Google Tag Manager.  This is a more involved setup; however, it allows you to create/modify your events (tags), triggers and variables.  Steps below:

  1. In Google Tag Manager, create a new Tag
  2. Set the Type to “GA4 Configuration”
  3. Enter the Google Tag ID / Measurement ID
  4. Verify you have Google Tag Manager setup in the CIMcloud Worker Portal
    1. Head to Customer Sites -> Click “edit” on the site you’d like to integrate with Google Tag Manager
    2. Scroll down to the “Google Tag Manager” section
    3. Enter your Google Tag Manager measurement ID
    4. Submit the page

More information on creating events in Google Tag Manager for GA4.


  • Our GA4 integration works with existing Google Analytics on your site
    • GTM and Universal Analytics can track in parallel with GA4 turned on
  • If you notice duplicated events, turn debugView on and see which property is tracking twice
    • For example, if a GA4 property is added in the Customer Site Settings and the tag is added to Google Tag Manager with a tag for the same event listed above, turn GA4 tracking off in the CIMcloud worker portal



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