Website SEO Checklist – Filter Unwanted IPs from Google Analytics

Verify filters are set up to exclude traffic from the IP(s) of your office within Google Analytics.  This is so that your internal team/sales reps/etc are not impacting the page views from your users.  If you do not have filters in place for your office IP Address, follow the steps below.

Create a Filter for IP Addresses in Google Analytics:

  1. Find your IP address by typing “what is my IP” into Google
    1. You will use this value to setup the Filter in Google Analytics
    2. Screenshot below: What_is_my_ip.png
  2. Click the Admin “Gear” icon in the lower left, then the “All Filters” link in the first column
    1. Screenshot below: Ga_find_filters_section.png
  3. Click the Red “Add Filter” button and fill in your information:
    1. Set the Filter Name to something identifiable
    2. Exclude > traffic from the IP addresses > that are equal to
    3. Enter the IP Address and Save your changes
    4. Screenshot below: Ga_create_ip_filter.png




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