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Google Merchant Center – Shopping Feed


CIMcloud offers a method to sync your product data to Google Merchant Center with a generated XML feed based off your product data.  This feature is available as part of the Public Facing Product Catalog [F] bundle.  You can turn this feature on or off in the Worker Portal, under Application Settings ->Retail Catalog: Public-Facing Product Catalog -> “Google Product Feed (Automated Daily Updates)”

After setting up your Google Merchant Center account, there are a few steps required on your end to setup the shopping feed that will send to Google.

We have also provided a video walking through setup of your Google Merchant Center account.

Setting Up Your Shopping Feed

The XML shopping feed is generated once per day.  The products that are included in the feed are determined by a flag on the products add-edit page under the “Shopping Feed Settings” titled “Include in Shopping Feeds”.

You can use either of the links below to include the feed for Google’s Merchant Center:

  • https://{sitename}.cimproduction.com/google-products.xml
    • Replace {sitename} with your site’s ID provided by CIMcloud
  • https://{your domain name}/google-products.xml
    • Example: https://cimcloud.com/google-products.xml

The shopping feed defaults to using product data already defined, so you may only need to flag products to send to Merchant Center.

If you would like to override the values sent per product, you can override the following fields:

CIMcloud Label Default Field/Value CIMcloud Database Field Google Field
Product Feed – Title products.nm shopping_feed_google_title title
Product Feed – Description products.ds feed_ds description
Category N/A shopping_feed_google_cat g:google_product_category
Product Type searchfield1 > searchfield2 > searchfield3 > searchfield4 shopping_feed_google_product_type g:product_type
Product Sub-Type N/A N/A N/A
Condition “new” condition g:condition
Brand searchfield5 brand g:brand
MPN N/A man_part_num g:mpn
GTIN N/A gtin g:gtin

Click here to download a spreadsheet template to override these values.


Please reference Google Merchant Center’s articles for best practices and coverage of the required/recommended data.

If you’d like to review your live data and not wait for the XML file to be generated, you can access a version of your live data that will be converted into the feed at the following links:

  • https://{sitename}.cimproduction.com/google_products.asp
    • Replace {sitename} with your site’s ID provided by CIMcloud
  • https://{your domain name}/google_products.asp
    • Example: https://cimcloud.com/google_products.asp

Other Fields

Please reference the Merchant Center feed specifications article for more information around these fields.  Some of the CIMcloud labels may not be exposed on your product add-edit page without CIMcloud turning them on.

CIMcloud Label CIMcloud Database Field/Notes Google Field Required
SKU sku g:id yes
Price Section sretail_price > retail_price g:price yes
Price Section sretail_price > retail_price g:sale_price no
Inventory Management Inventory Status – “in stock” or “out of stock” g:availability yes
Static Page Section Static Page or Dynamic URL Link yes
Images Section lg_pic > pic g:image_link yes
Length ship_length g:shipping_length no
Width ship_width g:shipping_width no
Height ship_height g:shipping_height no
Apparel Product apparel_product Flag for gender, age_group, and item_group_id no
Gender gender g:gender Yes for apparel products
Age Group age_group g:age_group Yes for apparel products
Parent-Child Settings Section parent product’s sku g:item_group_id Yes for apparel products
Weight weight > weight2 g:shipping_weight no
Ship To Country feed_s_country g:country no
Ship To Region feed_s_region g:region no
Shipping Service feed_s_service g:service no
Shipping Price feed_s_price shipping > g:price no
Product Group feed_ad_group g:adwords_grouping no
Redirect feed_ad_redirect g:ads_redirect no
Labels feed_ad_labels g:custom_label_0 no
Labels feed_ad_labels g:custom_label_1 no
Labels feed_ad_labels g:custom_label_2 no
Labels feed_ad_labels g:custom_label_3 no
Labels feed_ad_labels g:custom_label_4 no

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