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Checklist – Google Search Console

Setup Google Search Console

Google Search Console (previously called webmaster tools) is essential for maintaining your SEO data and reindexing your sitemap.  Follow these steps to ensure it is set up correctly:

  1. Head to Google Search Console to start setup
    1. https://search.google.com/ 
    2. click the red “Start Now” button, which will allow you to start the setup process
    3. Note: You’ll need a google account in order to set this up

SEO Settings Checklist – Google Search Console Google Search Console Setup

2. Setup a “Domain” level property

  • This means you’re creating a single property that includes all subdomains and protocol prefixes associated with your domain

3. Enter your root domain name

  • For example, if your site is accessible at https://www.google.com/, you would just enter google.com here
  • You do not need to enter the “https://” or “www.” into this input since you are setting up a domain-level property

4. Verify your website

  • If you have Google Analytics already setup on your site, then you can verify within Google Search Console by heading to Settings -> Ownership Verification -> Click the “Google Analytics” dropdown -> Click “Verify”
  • If you do not have Google Analytics setup, you will need to prove ownership at the DNS level by creating a TXT record (through your domain provider) with the snippet of code Google Search Console provides you at this step
    • Tip: Set the TTL (time to live) property on this TXT record to a lower value for faster verification
  • Once verification has been approved, you should see a green bar once you log into Google Search Console like the following:

SEO Settings Checklist – Google Search Console Google Search Console Approved

6. Verify Google Search Console is linked to your Google Analytics Account

  • Click the gear icon in the lower left, then click the “Property Settings” link
  • Scroll down on this new section and click the “Adjust Search Console” button
  • Here you can verify you are linked between the two tools, or you can link them together at this stage

SEO Settings Checklist – Google Search Console Ga Link Search Console


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