Website SEO Checklist – Enable Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

Enable Ecommerce Tracking

Google’s Ecommerce tracking has some built in tools that can be used to track sales per item/user.  You can reference the Google’s Ecommerce tracking feature in more detail on their website 

Verify ecommerce tracking by:

  1. Click the Admin “Gear” icon in the lower left, then the “Ecommerce Settings” link in the last column
    1. Screenshot below: Ga_find_ecommerce_section.png
  2. Click the “Enable Ecommerce” toggle to turn it on
    1. Turning on the enhanced ecommerce reporting tool requires additional setup that may require professional services help.  Please submit a ticket to Extranet if you would like to discuss these options, or refer to Google’s article on Ecommerce Tracking for more information


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