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301 Redirects for URL Changes (in a Platform Replacement)

With a platform replacement, and depending on the version you are migrating from, your URLs may have changed between your previous and new platform.  This is especially true if you are migrating from an older version of CIMCloud where your URLs end in “.asp”.  

To maintain your page rankings, you will need to set up 301 Redirects internally, and externally, so that users are continuing to go to the pages they are expected to.

Steps to migrate your changed URLs:

  • Create a spreadsheet of the old and new URLs (i.e. what URLs have changed for the same content)
    • You do not need to include URLs that have not changed when migrating to your new site
    • Import this spreadsheet into the CIMCloud platform following the instructions in our URL Redirects article
      • Please submit a help ticket for our Support Team if you have any issues/questions around this setup process
  • Gather a list of your high ranking pages to determine if any URL changes in your spreadsheet are still accessible on your new site
    • Log into Google Analytics and export a list (CSV file) of high traffic pages by navigating to Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages
    • Verify if any of the top pages on this list have changed on your new site and that they are accessible in the sitemap.xml file on your new site
    • Note: You can use a third party tool like to get a list of your high-ranking pages to help you with this
  • Reach out to Website Editors on other sites linking to your changed URLs
    • If you can, reach out to editors of the highest ranked sites that are linking to you. Request these editors update their site to use your new URL for the page they are linking to. Otherwise the 301 may diminish some of the value of the link.

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