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When configuring the SEO settings for a [Static Page] a URL will need to be configured.  These URLs are used by search engines when listing the page.  Having a search friendly URL can increase search engine optimization and is important when determining what the URL should be set to.

The following are some helpful tips when choosing these URLs:

  • The most important keywords should be included in the URL.  
    • Typically the most important keywords are the product’s or page’s name, but can sometimes be dimensions or other describing factors.
  • Directories (the content between the ‘/’ characters before the page name) should make sense.  
    • Typically, these directories would be the same, or similar, to the breadcrumbs or categories for the product.
  • Try to use distinct words.
    • This means that you should not repeat any words in the URL.  This includes duplications in the directories and the page name.  
      • Examples:
        • /food/fruit/apple-fruit.asp
          • This is BAD because it duplicates the keyword ‘fruit’ in the URL.
        • /food/fruit/red-apple.asp 
          • This is GOOD as it only has unique keywords and has more keywords in the URL.
  • Group product structures using the product categories as the directories in the URL structure.
    • When using a URL for a product, it is typically best to use the product category or breadcrumbs to allow the search engines to cluster these like products.

Search friendly URLs are a very complex topic and can be very specific to your exact needs.  More detailed information can be found from Google’s documentation on the subject which is located here.



A search friendly URL is created and configured for a [Static Page].


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