Search Engine Settings


Search Engine Settings are settings that can be configured to allow for search engine optimization (SEO). These settings are to configure SEO for:

Static Pages are the method of giving a product detail page, product category page, or a Content Page, created in the Worker Portal, a static name that is user readable and SEO friendly.  The static page system is a method of setting the Title tags, Meta tags, and other SEO configurations.

Step-by-Step Process:

The following are the different configurations that can be modified to set the SEO settings desired for each [product], [product category], or Content Page. To view this section, simply click ‘Yes’ under the Create Static Page setting:

  • Page Name
    • The name of the page you are creating. It must end with the extension .asp
  • Page Title
    • This corresponds to the ‘Title’ meta information in the page.
  • Description
    • This corresponds to the ‘Description’ meta information in the page to be used by search engines.
  • Keywords
    • This corresponds to the ‘Keywords’ meta information in the page that search engines use to find the page based on search terms entered by users.
  • Canonical URL
    • This refers to the URL that is displayed in search engines.
      • Typically, you will use the same value as the static page, but decide whether or not to use the https:// and/or the www.


SEO configurations are set for products, product categories, and Content Pages.   This optimizes the website listings in search results applications.



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